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Necessity is the mother of innovation

People should spend more time on creative and collaborative activities, rather than on monotonous mundane activities. Successful digital organizations are constantly looking at efficiency gains from automation, moving repetitive and error-prone tasks to machines and smart algorithms.

What can we do for you

Helping digital factories improve efficiency and performance by the smarter organization of work, monitoring, and automation of infrastructure and applications which are powering new business models.

Who will work for you

Team of technical consultants, solution architects and project managers with high internal motivation, excellent work ethics, and experience in large enterprise IT organisations.

How we do our work

Chasing the root cause of the problem, giving a critical point of view to clients assignments. Watching the hottest trends in tech industry, so we can recommend the right tools to address clients problem.

IT Service Management

Automating enterprise processes

Design and build of enterprise IT Service Management Solutions, covering critical processes like Incident, Request, Change & Configuration management. Also supporting non-IT use cases like facility management and customer care. Building configuration management databases (CMDB) to identify, track and manage devices, installed software and large applications. Reconcile discovery data with your ERP systems to get full financial transparency.

Augment user experience with virtual assistants powered by natural language processing, fulltext search and predictive algorithms to improve efficiency and user experience

Technologies: Micro Focus SMA-X, ServiceNow

Application Performance Management

Applications power your business, we take care of your applications

Pinpoint the root cause of code issues, visualize real-time business and application performance in realtime application topology

Track every interaction in a business transaction to quickly solve issues and empower your DevOps teams. Benefit from infrastructure visibility into server, database and network performance, from IoT devices to cloud backends. Measure how your application performance impacts business performance

Technologies: Elastic, Influx, Telegraf, Grafana, Jaeger, Micro Focus, AppDynamics

Data & Analytics

Use-case first approach

Business intelligence helped people engage intuition to make decision supported by data. With the proliferation of machine learning, human decisions will be augmented by computed recommendations or executed by ML models directly.

AI/ML software stack will become it’s own software category, sitting as the core application infrastructure in the heart of every digital company.

We are helping clients to consistently make better decisions by employing the right technology to build full stack data platforms both on cloud and on premise. From data warehousing, to automated machine learning engines powering business applications.

Technology: H2O.ai, IBM, Google Cloud Platform

Application modernization

Design, Secure, Deploy and Monitor

Hybrid and multi-cloud computing architectures leveraging Google Kubernetes engine and hybrid cloud management service Google Anthos.

API management, to design, secure, deploy and monetize APIs anywhere. Serverless solutions for writing code and building full stack applications. Deployment automation and configuration management to maintain system configurations and compliance.

Technologies: Kubernetes, Ansible, Apigee, Google Cloud Platform

Česká spořitelna

Unified Monitoring

Challenge: Inefficient cooperation across infra and application support teams. Missing single pane of glass for IT service health, missing reliable source of configuration data.

Solution: Consolidation of performance and event data from domain monitoring solutions (Microsoft SCOM, CA Spectrum, Dynatrace, Micro Focus Operations agents).

Technology: Micro Focus Operations Bridge, Micro Focus Universal CMDB


Software and IT Asset Management

Challenge: Limited quality and accuracy of inventory and configuration data (hardware, software, application topology)

Solution: Global discovery of 22 datacenters in 12 countries, centralization of inventory data, reconcilation with ERP systems

Technology: Microfocus Universal Discovery, Microfocus Asset Manager 


IT Asset Management

Challenge: Inaccurate and incomplete inventory and configuration data about infrastructure and applications, were identified as major limitation for project which should deliver IT standardisation and simplification

Solution: Rollout of Universal discovery solution improved completness and accuracy of configuration data and became foundation for new, automatically updated CMDB. Software inventory data also enabled T-mobile to better track license position for major software vendors.

Technology: Micro Focus Universal Discovery, Universal CMDB, Asset Manager

Komercni Banka

Open source monitoring platform

Challenge: With broader adoption of open source technology in development and operations, bank decided to move away from commercial software stack for systems and application monitoring.

Solution: As part of broader team, we helped KB to build new monitoring platform on open source products. Platform delivers combination of scalability, high availability, automated configuration, autonomy for application teams to tailor data collection and visualization to their needs.

Technology: Kafka, Telegraf, Jaeger, InfluxDB, Grafana, Elastic,


Challenge: Speed up development of predictive models, increase accuracy, deliver value in hours, instead of weeks.

Solution: Models are trained on leading platform H2O Driverless AI. Benefiting from automated feature engineering, machine learning interpretability and high accuracy predictive models trained on large datasets in hours. Saving time of data scientists and delivering quickly business insight

Technology: H2O Driverless AI

Jindřich Kasal

CEO, Partner

Milan Karban

Lead solution consultant

Květuše Martínková

Project & Delivery manager

Stanislav Pokorný

Technical consultant

David Doubrava

Solution architect

Miroslav Koukal

Technical consultant

Martin Dušek

Technical consultant

Vojtěch Vyterna

ITSM consultant

Tomáš Hora

ITSM Technical consultant

Jana Machálková

Office manager

Ivan Kováč

Technical consultant

Martin Černý

ITSM Technical Consultant

Cloud engineer


We are looking for new team members with focus on cloud infrastructure services. Google cloud certification is advantage, however if you have some experience and eagerness to learn, we will be happy to support you on your path to GCP certifications.

Application Performance Engineer


You know how difficult can be operating complex applications in production. You have experience as developer, or application support engineer with identifying important metrics, alert rules, designing dashboards for IT Operations teams.

Data Engineer


To support projects, where we advance our clients by embedding machine learning models in their applications, we are building team od data engineers, data scientists and business analysts.

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