IT management

We are helping customers to get high return on technology investment. Alignment of development, testing and operations in IT is key success factor. Building IT factory, where new poducts are delivered in high quality, on time, on budget and operated in the most efficient way is what we do.

Big data

Technology advancements open new frontiers of data analysis. We are combining leading software solutions with expertise in area of mathematics and statistics to unlock value in your data. Our solutions deliver significant sales margin improvement in retail business, increase cross-sell ratio in e-commerce, improve customer loyalty in telco and dectect fraud in insurance.

Enterprise architecture

Business agility as the ability of a business to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently is characteristics of companies which deliver long term sustainable organic growth. As majority of enterprise business operations depends in application software supporting processes, ability to analyze, design and implement new business processes is key for survival.

Describe and understand

We are helping companies describe and understand relationship between organisation structure, processes, data and supporting technology to enable ability to respond to changes in business environment quickly, at low cost, while mitigating risk.